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Beckham vs. Manchester United, a reunion anything Platonic

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David Beckham

David Beckham will be the face that their favorite team, Manchester United. That abrupt departure of “Spice Boy” was undoubtedly somewhat sensationalist for both sides. Manchester perdíaa its flagship player, ending in Cristian Ronaldo finding years later, and marcharíaa Beckham Real Madrid where he played at a high level as last season, but always with the shadow of having done better in the Man U.

This week, the rematch is set for Beckham, although this heat come with years and mileage on his legs and fewer galactic brightness that made him so famous at Old Trafford. Now in the ranks of AC Milan, a heat that seems at least difficult for the Rossoneri, who have lost bellows in the fight for the lead, while Manchester is in for a dogfight film against Chelsea at Premier League.

Beckham vs. Manchester United is clearly one of the main attractions of the second round of the UEFA Champions League, where a historic decline, but still useful, has the opportunity to leave through the front door of football before inevitable end its last rounds. So this Tuesday party in Italy between Manchester United and AC Milan will have an ingredient rather than simply being a knockout match, is the personal revenge (if he holds) from David Beckham.


Written by Con Efecto

August 31, 2010 at 7:07 pm

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